Travelling with our children? Yes of course !

Every trip with our children, we want to say “never again”. Let’s admit! Travelling with the little ones is not easy: they ask for water, biscuits, to pee, to come in our arms every 5 minutes. But … when we think of all the good times and all the memories we have built with them, we want to go back and relive everything.

We show you some strategies for a successful trip, or at least easier, with children:


especially between parents. Understand how far we can go and how. Talk about our fears and goals. Will we be able to plan the trip alone or is it better to ask for help? Communicate with children too, prepare and motivate them.

To plan in advance :

travelling with the kids requires a lot of logistics and you have to get ready. It is important to research the journey and adapt them to the younger ones. Housing, food or the health system are important. Should we provide travel insurance to go to the doctor before leaving to check that everything is in order and organize a small pharmacy?

Currently, we can find on the market travel agencies that do a lot of work and help us in these details. They select the best destinations to share with children, child friendly accommodations or family restaurants.


The plane :

always a baffling for parents, but also for children. They need to be busy. Toys, movies, games, books, the favourite comforter, small snacks to nibble and especially a lot of patience will be very helpful.

For a longer, quieter trip, book a night flight if possible. Your child will sleep better and be less bored. Not to forget the extra clothes and especially the teats and baby bottles that can help offset the pressure of takeoff and landing.

Manage expectations :

In all cases, there will be failed plans. However, wonderful adventures will come to compensate them. You have to be ready to put children’s routines into perspective and relax.