Priorité Enfants 20’s anniversary !

2018 is a special year for Priorité Enfants because, as some of you will have already noticed, the agency celebrates its 20th anniversary, with beautiful memories and anecdotes in our archives!

For over 20 years now, we have enjoyed the trust of our clients. That is why we have been constantly working to improve our services and offer to families the best childcare solution for them.

   Priorité Enfants

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 A little bit of history

Priorité Enfants adventure began in 1998. While two young parents were looking for a care arrangement for their first child, the difficulties arose: no place in nursery, no daycare. The other solutions were not necessarily tailored to their professional circumstances.

The couple then decided to hire a nanny, tailor-made solution, more expensive, but so very comfortable!

And the questions came again: where to look for a nanny? What questions should I ask? Can I trust her? Can I ask her for her documents? How to be at ease with this situation?

but how do other parents???

The young dad realized that he was most likely not alone in this situation. It was then that the idea of ​​creating a nannies selection agency started to grow in his mind. For him, it was necessary to support families who are looking for a nanny and to make things easier for them.

our values

Priorité Enfants supports families

Confidence. We know that it is essential, as parents, when leaving your baby or small child at the care of other people.

This is the reason why we take the necessary time to select our candidates. After studying their CV, we get to know them during a thorough interview. At the end of the meeting, we must answer the essential question for a parent “would I entrust my child to this person?” If the answer is yes, we always check references with former employers. Finally, if, and only if the references are impeccable, the profile of the candidate is presented to families. Our main goal is to offer you a tailor-made service that meets your needs.

Priorité Enfants supports it’s candidates

Nanny is a profession that requires specific skills! Taking care of others’ children is a big responsibility. For this reason, we want to promote the skills of our candidates. Just as we are demanding on the selection criteria of our nannies, we wish to place them in good conditions!

Priorité Enfants respects the law

Upon completion of a request, Priorité Enfants provides to the family, a work contract in accordance with the law, personalized according to the conditions offered by the family and legally applicable.


  • Respect of the standard contract of the domestic economy in force in your region,
  • Pay your employee according to the minimum wages prevailing in your canton, but also according to her experience and skills
  • Subscribe to social insurances as an employer

Priorité Enfants annex you to the employment contract, an explanatory note of social insurances in force in your area.

Priorité Enfants helps you as an employer

Becoming an employer is easy! Priorité Enfants manages your personnel administration from the moment your employee enters at your service until her/his departure. Families only are responsible for payments.

On another note, when a family has found its rare bird to look after its children, Priorité Enfants can provide the employment contract in accordance with the law.

Our projects

  • Swiss Nanny Association

    In 2018, Priorité Enfants becomes a member of the Swiss Nanny Association in order to guarantee our current and future candidates good working conditions, allow them to enlarge their network and follow trainings. For our part, this membership will allow us to have a better visibility with the candidates!

  • Celebrate our 20’s anniversary!          

    Informations are coming soon…

  • Looking for a new office

    Those who have ears should hear!

    For the past 20 years, Priorité Enfants agency has been located in Geneva, Rondpoint de Plainpalais n ° 2. As many things should end, we will have to say goodbye to our office by the end of next year. Our project is to move into new premises with people practising in domains related to our activity. We are open to suggestions and we are good company! 😉