Declare the nanny,

the cleaning lady,

the gardener

The family will become the legal employer of the nanny, a suitable employment contract will need to be concluded, which is not always easy to achieve.

In order to meet the demands of our clients, we have created a personnel management service which totally relieves you of the administrative aspects related to the employment of personnel

Priorité Enfants will facilitate the hiring process by providing a comprehensive hiring package including :

  • the work contract drafted in accordance with the terms and conditions of standard work contracts for domestic employment in force in Geneva, in the canton of Vaud,…
  • information and guidance on the social security Swiss system (registration with AVS, pensions plan, insurance, and taxes),
  • template of a salary slip on which to base your future salary payments
  • work permit application if needed.

If the family found the nanny, the cleaning lady or the gardener themselves, the single cost for establishing the contract is CHF 400.— + VAT.

Our administrative management service includes:

  • Registering the family as an employer with the various legal social insurances, in Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg, …
  • Calculation and edition of each monthly salary sheet
  • Managing on-the-job events
  • Annual declarations, edition of certificates…

The cost of this service is CHF 100.—to CHF 150.— + VAT per month, regarding to the benefits.

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