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It’s still time to declare your nanny!

Maybe you have already heard of Operation “Papyrus” recently implemented by the Cantonal Office of Inspection and Labor Relations (OCIRT). This approach will help to regularize the situation of hundreds of illegal immigrants in Geneva, especially those of the domestic economy, including the nanny, the sector that counts the most.

How will the State take concrete action?

Employers of those who apply for regularization will be systematically controlled. Note that employees can initiate this procedure without the agreement of the family who employs them. On the other hand, checks may be carried out on the basis of information provided by certain unions and associations. Moreover, the fact that the employee, the nanny, has or does not have a residence permit will not be taken into account for a possible sanction.

If you have not yet declared your domestic worker(s), there is still time to do so! We know that it is not always easy to manage the administrative aspects when hiring a nanny. Where to start ? How not to forget anything? These steps take time and require the organization which we sometimes lack …

To help you with this duty :

Priorité Enfants offers a personnel administration service, we assure the process related to the recruitment of an employee in your home.

  • Hiring of the Employee:
    • Register the Principal with the AVS authorities (mandatory “Old Age and Survivors Insurance)
    • Register the Principal with an Accident Insurance Company (LAA)
    • Register the Principal with a full Loss Health insurance (AM-IJM)
    • If requested, register with a Pension fund foundation (LPP)
    • If requested, register to the fiscal authorities for “Source taxation”.
    • If requested, administrative assistance to fill-in the “Work permit” request form (EU only).
  • Every month
    • Generate pay slip
    • Forward pay slip (email or postal mail) to the Principal
    • Maintain balance of “holidays” and any absences, based on information provided by the Principal  
    • If needed and requested, fill-in Accident or Illness declaration form
  • On request
    • Check invoices from cantonal and official authorities and organisms
  • At end of year
    • Generation of forms for the official authorities (AVS, LAA, Taxes…)
    • Generate annual salary certificate
  • Employee change during the year (hiring, termination)
    • Update with official authorities and other partners
    • Final salary balance

In addition, if you have not yet established a written employment contract, we can also provide it to you.

We take care of everything. So becoming an employer – in all legality – is easy!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we will be happy to answer you.

Article de la Tribune de Genève : Début du nettoyage de l’économie domestique