Every position is unique and each of our clients has different requirements. We endeavour to establish a professional code of conduct based on both quality service for families and professional fulfilment for the nanny – a balance aimed at fostering our prime concern for the best interests and happiness of the children in your care.

The profession of nanny or childminder is not always recognised at its full value and importance. We aim constantly to enhance the image of this vital profession through example. Being a nanny is a particularly important responsibility since the employing family entrusts nannies with the most precious part of their lives, their children.

As a nanny in a family, you will experience a privileged relationship with the child, have direct influence on his/her development and provide important educational input. To successfully live up to this challenging and highly rewarding vocation, a nanny should be able to work independently, take decisions and establish an open relationship based on mutual trust with the parents.

Being a nanny cannot be improvised. It is a fully fledged profession. We require all our candidates to have relevant professional childcare experience. For each candidate on our roster, we compile a comprehensive file containing curriculum vitae, work certificates, professional references and a work permit. A nanny can acquire her professional skills in a day-care centre, a kindergarten or with a family.

We also collaborate with the maternity wards of hospitals in the Swiss Romande promoting positions as maternity nurses. If you have a diploma in maternity nursing and would like to work day or night shifts, we encourage you to contact us.

As for the compensation, the gross salary is generally calculated upon a basis of Frs. 24 per hour.


To register you as a nanny for placement in a family, we will need to draw up a complete file showing your work experience with children. To begin this process, the following documents will be required:

  • copies of work certificates with contact names and telephone numbers for reference checking
  • copies of your diplomas and certificates
  • copies of your passport and work permit

Before introducing you to one of our client, we will also ask you to provide :

  • a standard police record disclosure
  • a medical certificate
  • a credit rating
  • a certificate of first aid training

All the candidates are asked to read and subscribe to our Code of Conduct, as a pledge of their moral commitment.


Interested in childcare at a family home?

In order to allow us to study your application, please attach, your curriculum vitae detailing your professional experience in childcare as well as your motivations and availability. It is necessary to have recent references.