Childminder or Nanny

full or part time

A Childminder or Nanny is not qualified with a diploma in childcare. However, she will have experience in childcare gained through working in families or in a day care center. She will propose indoor and outdoor activities, help with homework as well as take the children to and from school and leisure activities. Her duties include taking care of the children’ belongings, clothes, bedrooms, and subject to the precise terms of employment, help around the house. Childcare is the main focus of the job and any household chores should be compatible and consistent with this prime responsibility.

Maternity nurse

full or part-time (often during the night)

The maternity nurse will have a formal education as a nurse or midwife. The maternity nurse guides and helps the mother through her first nerve-wracking and tiring months with a new baby. The maternity nurse will often live-in and be on duty six days a week, 24 hours a day for a specified period in order to help the mother with breast or bottle feeding and to generally establish a regular feeding and sleeping routine for the baby. She will sterilize and prepare bottles, change nappies and settle the baby to sleep. She will also care for the baby’s clothes and environment.

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