A single Nanny for 2 families

Nanny sharing becomes more popular amongst families. This arrangement enables two families to use one nanny to care for their children, and share the costs of employing her alternatively at each family’s home.

It is important to respect some basic rules in order to be successful with this system :

  • The two families have to live relatively close by,
  • The two families’ schedules have to be compatible,
  • The children’s age and number have to be compatible,
  • The two families will have to make arrangement for the vacation time.

Priorité Enfants has the expertise to meet the needs of families in Geneva and the canton of Vaud.

New: to support parents in their search for a second family with whom to share the nanny, we have introduced a family matching form. How does it work?

You fill in the form below and we’ll register your request. As soon as we have a family that matches yours (location, number of children, ages of children, etc), we’ll put you in touch.

Nanny sharing interests you ?