Priorité Enfants provides practical solutions for even the most complex childcare problems.

Our nannies will assume responsibility for the children during the day, giving them the benefit of their professional skills and human qualities in full harmony with your requirements and schedule. They will watch over each child’s hygiene, diet, emotional and physical development and also ensure a clean and safe living environment.

This individualised one-to-one caring is designed to respect the rhythm of each child so that he may grow up and develop his full potential in a conducive, serene atmosphere. Furthermore, the nanny brings a welcome solution to the eternal problems of children when they are sick, as well as brothers’ and sisters’ days off school, etc.


Priorité Enfants endeavours to introduce the ideal candidates according to families’ requirements. Our clients are invited to meet with the recommended candidates several times before making their final choice, in order to get to know and feel comfortable with the future nanny of their children.

We offer a 3 month guarantee for all our recruitment contracts. Thus, should the employment contract be terminated through no fault of the family within the first three months of employment, the family concerned can request us to search for a replacement candidate free of charge.

If we fail to identify a suitable candidate, we undertake to cede back a part of the fees according to the duration of work.:

Priorité Enfants also agrees to replace an employee unable to work (for example due to illness or accident) as rapidly as possible by reference to the prevailing fee scale for such ad-hoc mandates.


It is advisable to allow ample time for the recruitment of the right candidate. It is an important choice for you and your children, and the nanny should be carefully selected.

The more restrictive your selection criteria are, the more difficult it will be to introduce you to a choice of several suitable candidates and the longer the recruitment process will take.

On average, families devote between six to eight weeks to the interview and selection process before opting for the right nanny. Part-time positions sometimes take longer to fill since they require matching your schedule with that of the ideal candidate. In addition, some candidates will have notice periods to fulfil or may need to apply for a work permit. Such formalities can take significant time to complete so due allowance should be made when planning your needs.

The recruitment contract is entered into for a period of three months and comes into effect on the day of signature. As soon as a family accepts a candidate proposed by the agency, or appoints a candidate found on its own initiative, the mission entrusted to Priorité Enfants ends.




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