Priorité Enfants is established as private limited liability company (S.A.R.L). We operate as an introduction agency specialising in the recruitment of maternity nurses, nannies, and childminders. We recruit on the basis of requests from our clients and according to their needs.

The family is the legal employer of the nanny and duly undertakes to respect the relevant legislation.

All candidates recruited by us must be in conformity with official Swiss regulations. They are either Swiss nationals or holders of a valid work permit. Since the recent bilateral agreements on the free movement of workers came into force, work permit procedures have been greatly facilitated and we are increasingly able to recruit candidates from neighbouring France and other EU countries.

The formal training of our candidates varies greatly. Typical qualifications might include: diploma as a nursery teacher, diploma as a teacher for children with special needs, diploma as a school teacher, diploma as a nanny, diploma as a nurse, diploma as a midwife, diploma as a kindergarten teacher. However, we also retain candidates who have acquired suitable experience as daycare mothers authorized by the social services, or who have successfully undertaken training courses with the Red Cross.

A number of candidates have acquired their skills vocationally in day-care centers or kindergartens, through teaching or working within a family. We do not provide training for our nannies, but rather recruit only those with confirmed professional experience and the requisite human qualities.

We advertise positions on our website and in the newspapers. Many candidates have either seen our leaflets or heard about us from colleagues.

We recommend our clients should allow 6 to 8 weeks for the planning and interview process. The precise timing will vary according to factors such as the time of the year, the job description, the place of work and specific expectations of the family (car, working hours, languages etc.).

A child carer works as a professional and thus expects to be able to earn a living through the quantity and quality of her work. We are not, therefore, able to respond to requests that are inappropriate or inconsistent with her qualifications. For such fairly limited child accompaniment needs, we recommend contacting the local social services or parents of fellow students.

A nanny is primarily responsible for the well being of the children. She will assume all normal nursery duties such as cleaning and tidying their rooms and bathrooms, cooking their meals and washing and ironing their clothes. However, we are able to propose candidates willing to undertake light housework as appropriate and consistent with their prime overriding responsibility for the care of the children. Our agency can also look for a housekeeper who assume exclusevely housework.

We recommend the gross salary to be calculated on the minimum rate of Frs. 24 per hour. Please consult our list of tariffs for further information.

Priorité Enfants will invoice its fee once you have decided on a candidate. Our commission is 10% of the candidates’ first annual gross salary. For further details, please consult the list of tariffs.

We will be happy to accept your candidacy if you have the required relevant professional experience. As we do not train our candidates, we require suitable references to this effect.