Priorité Enfants aims to provide a personal and professional service tailored to the specific needs of individual families.

  • Nannies – full or part-time, Wednesday, mornings or after school
  • Temporary childcare from 1 to 3 months, replacement of nanny on maternity leave, accident or illness and school holidays
  • Maternity nurse, support for parents from the moment they leave the maternity
  • Housekeeper, domestic worker

Our services are available in Geneva and throughout French-speaking Switzerland: Lausanne and the canton of Vaud, Valais, Fribourg, …

In order to introduce nannies that best match specific requirements, families are invited in advance of the selection process to define a number of key criteria and expectations. These include:

  • preferred age
  • languages
  • level of qualifications and experience
  • duties and responsibilities
  • required work schedule

This will enable us to introduce you to candidates matching your needs as precisely as possible.

Shared nanny

Have you found another family with the same childcare needs as yours? Priorité Enfants can also look for a nanny for shared childcare in Geneva and all Suisse romande. The main advantage is a reduction in cost for families.

There are a few principles that need to be respected in order for this type of care to work smoothly:

  • The families must live close to each other,
  • The needs in terms of days and hours must be compatible,
  • The number and age of the children must be compatible,
  • It is necessary to agree on holidays.

We have the expertise to draw up employment contracts and to declare the nanny for both families.

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